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Hero of Empire Mod Apk

Welcome to Hero of Empires: Clash Kingdoms Fighting Game.  Are you ready to compete with other players around the world in a real-time 1v1 strategy game? And enjoy unlimited hero of empire Mod apk coins and others

Build your ultimate set with dozens of cards: Thor, Gumiho, Rocket Tower, Fire Dragon, Jungle Witch, Sorcerer, Sniper, ... and more.  Go to the battlefield, win the trophy and win the world ranking in hero of empire mod apk.

Story: Hero of Empire mod apk War Clash

Amir under the fog and separate from day to day.  but ...
The magic door opened.  Orc, Goblins, Dragons, Wizards, .... especially depicted empires gathered to gain more power.  The more power, the greater the threat to the world.
There was a war between the rich.  Only the most powerful death can stop this war.  The world needed - someone who could beat other states and make peace in hero of empire mod apk

Lead your army to fight in fantasy RTS card fighting games to earn prosperity and peace in the world.

A new guide for Hero of empire mod apk epic PvP match.

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🔥 Gather your allies (Collect more cards)
There are two ways to collect more cards:
Open Casket: We open the box and open the casket for each habit.
- Shop in the shop: You can buy gold cards with precious stones.

🔥 Train your troops (Upgrade your cards)
Renew your card to gain more power.  Now you need enough cards and gold levels to increase step stats.  The more cards, the more wins.

🔥 Arrange your army (Customize your deck)
There are 3 battle forums for you.  Each map has specific matrices and roles.  Keep this in mind when preparing combat groups: Define your strategies and mix logic cards together.

🔥 Regain the peace (Defeat your enemy)
- Destroy enemy castles to win.
- Do not forget to protect yourself.
- Use the map and time to create enemy maps.

Features of Hero of Empire Mod Apk

Hero of empire game download

- Real-time strategy card battle game with another player in the world

- Customize your deck and test different combat strategies

- Unlock and upgrade cards to make you more powerful

- Challenge your friend in a special 1v1 card battle game

- Unique Heroes: Choose the enemies you want and defeat your enemies.

- Ranking system: tell those who own the battlefield

- Updated regularly: We listen to your feedback and try to improve the game

Hero Of Empire Mod Apk Download

Hero of empire Apk + mod download

Heroes Empire is a role-playing game for Android

With ruthless thieves and murderous bosses at every corner, only the most feared strategic leaders can honor their wealth.  Arm your heroes, prepare for battle, and protect your city! in our hero of empire mod apk.

Accurate collection of weapons and weapons

The claim of swords, steel and shields against fallen opponents
Beat fighters in your favorite gear combinations

Boss Battle is powerful in real time battles

Faces thieves, barbarians and more as you explore a mysterious land on the edge of civilization
Do not show mercy as you test your fighting skills

Strengthen your armor
Design your old equipment and upgrade your weapons into incredible armor
Upgrade your characters and equipment in hero of empire mod apk reach maximum power

Glory shines Real
Manage your military site and design the city
of your dreams
Build your empire from the ground up to the most powerful in all countries

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