ROYALE PASS season 12: let's play together 2!

Official BATTLEGROUNDS PLAYERUNKNOWN designed for mobile devices.  Play for free anytime, anywhere.  PUBG MOBILE offers the most intense free multiplayer action on mobile devices.  Invest, equip and compete.  Survive in the epic classic battle of 100 players, survival mode and the deathmatch and zombie mode of the fast 4v4 team.  Survival is key and will win the last time.  Shoot while on duty!

  Joystick Gold Game-of the Year 2018 Award
  Best Game Awards, Fan Favorite Game, Most Competitive Game - Google Play 2018

  "Absolutely exceptional" -IGN
  "It's great."  - Case player
  "Bring the player back" - Vice

Free mobile phone supported by Unreal Engine.  4. Play high quality gaming consoles anytime, anywhere.  Offers incredible HD graphics and 3D sound.  With customizable mobile controls, training mode and voice chat.  Experience the smoothest and most realistic ballistic control of the weapon on your phone.

Large scale battle maps - from Erangel to Miramar, from Vikendi to Sanhok, compete in large and detailed battlefields of varying scale, terrain, day and night cycle and dynamic weather - from urban space to the frozen tundra to the dense jungle.  secrets of every battlefield to build your strategic method of winning.

Depth and diversity: from classic 100 player mode, exciting download mode to lightning Arcade and 4v4 Team Deathmatch modes and intense Zombie mode.  Everyone has something!  Everyone has something.  Play alone, in pairs and in four players.  Use weapons with confidence!  Become a lone wolf soldier or play with the tribe and answer the call on duty if you need help!  Provide FPS (first-person shooter) and TPS (third-person shooter) gameplay, provide a large number of vehicles for all different areas of the game and provide a large number of realistic weapons.  Find your ideal driving route and spare parts and spare parts for the last ride!

Growing Opportunities and Challenges: Every day, as well as monthly updates, offer new features and game methods that grow and expand PUBG MOBILE.  Our powerful and serious anti-cheat mechanism ensures that everyone follows the rules for a fair and balanced gaming environment.

  * Requires a stable internet connection.
  * Recommended system requirements for PUBG MOBILE: Android 5.1.1 or later, at least 2 GB of       memory.  For other devices you can try PUBG MOBILE LITE


2nd Anniversary is here with an Amusement Park at Erangel!
1) Join a match on Erangel for a chance to experience the Amusement Park.
2) Games and attractions include Shooting Range, Gashapon Machines, and a Trampoline!
3) Try out the Reverse Bungee - launch into the air to new heights!
Hardcore Mode
1) No sound prompts and manual actions are required to pick-up and open/close doors, all to give you a more realistic experience.