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Hello Friends today's post i'll need to tell you how to download the Pocket troops mobile game to your mobile for absolutely free this game is most popular game in 2019 this game is available on play store you can download for free Pocket troops game these games are famous all over the world, many people prefer this game, more than 5 million downloads have been downloaded from the Playstore and this game has got a rating of 4.6 the size of this game is 189 mb at playstore this game has more than 347k reviews this game was lunch in jan-16-2015.

All updates and features about Pocket troops

1. Pocket Troops mobile game Special small soldiers are ready to guide your commander the slingal force is a military fight game to fight on the battlefield where they have to lead a small armed force of brave and purposeful leaders and have to fight against powerful military bosses looking for a team of top fighters who can keep you in your pocket create a small team of experienced fighters recruit and train a group of soldiers from the squad and give them a storm find other players and tell them who is the boss military features an easy game with strategic and strategic battles and indirect control of soldiers pocket troops is a shield with a strategy shooter a small army of angry people with a vast array of weapons and crazy equipment drag your opponents and think of the new strategy to fight the gun game do you think the mission is impossible crazy background with a wicked man from the evil army carrying the world, so everyone can wear black its army time.
2. Pocket Troops features mode Military bases, home improvement and interactive interactive facilities cash machines, fish tanks soft kitten, hot kitten, some fur balls and other real military games but in reality, there is a huge variety of weapons to eliminate an enemy a defender, a gun, a sniper rifle a machine gun, a gunman, and so on all your weapons will be stored in shelters handmade music and graphic animation inspired by the guinea pig named boris do you know there are just good jokes in our special soldiers and you will always find something that laughs and laughs at you there are many mercenaries in the game each of which has its own characteristics and abilities a pay the cop soldier is quick and easy well preserved and a warrior equipped with medium automatic weapons the unit is ideal for initiatives.
3. Sharpshooter long range weapon warrior with greater change of the highest precision and extreme damage but he has a bad defense hunter long range weapons with the projection of the losses covering various targets in this strategy shooter the commander the commander is a fan of heavy weapons in the distance give lots of damage, but with less accuracy healthy issues and births make it really a strong opponent a real man of the army scout shark shark frenzy for close combat high accuracy with initial damage covering various targets use the enemies' layers with long distance weapons.
4. Pocket troops spy the master makes close and easy and well-armored fight it is hard to practice but it's worth it their remote transfer trick can give a heavy headache to their opponents real killer many missions and bosses with interesting plot and beautiful cartoon will not feel bored fight with other players and match them on the global challenge card the action of the game is from the army of soldiers and shooters meat the boss win the contestants in this military strategy shooter game sear User our game is constantly evolving and we are doing our best to improve the game we are trying to create an ideal military product and we would be grateful for every comment and desire to improve the game.

Pocket Troops mobile android game